What is your totem animal?

Wolf, cat or spider… Totems of animals are animals with which we are connected and which can affect us throughout life. Take this personality test to find out what your totem animal is.

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A totem animal is also considered a spiritual guide. The totem animal that represents you shares with you traits, qualities or defects. He acts as a guide and brings you lifelong advice, protection and wisdom, provided you find it. The results can be impressive!

To find out what your totem animal is, take this personality test !!

Where does the totem animal come from?

The totem animal dates back to time ancient civilizations, billions of years ago. Legend has it that hunters painted animals that died while hunting on the walls to thank their spirit for their sacrifices. Thus, the animal received the blessing and became a tribal symbol.

Gradually the totem animal became a symboland guideand guardian spirit who protects you. Today, the role of the totem animal is to guide you, mind than physical.

How to find your totem animal?

If you want to go further than the personality test you just passed, we give you a few clues pay attention to the signs your totem:

  • Pay attention to meetings with animals, to the signs they give you. The animal may want to get your attention.
  • If you meet an animal regularly (in real life or through images), ask yourself what it wants to tell you.
  • you dreams often from an animal? Your guide may be trying to send you a message.
  • be inquisitive everything and in particular your totem animal.
  • Meditate! The meditation allows you to meet in contact with your totem animal. Meditate for 10-15 minutes and do it domestic travel with your totem animal. Allow yourself to be guided …

For further…

There are as many totems as there are animals. Wolf, cat, bear, hummingbird, lion or eagle, there is sure to be one that suits you. here a incomplete list of the most famous animal totems.


Find out what your totem animal is. Snake? Credit: iStock

The totem represents the snake vitality. A person who has a snake totem should be careful about how he spends his energy. Advice : Develop your healing abilities and energy related to the earth and nature. In general, the snake totem symbolizes transition, renewal. This powerful totem animal can try to develop yours personal development. The snake, crawling on the ground and sneaking up, will help you keep your feet on the ground in these transitional moments.


Find out what your totem animal is. The wolf? Credit: iStock

You are a person with a lonely characteryou rely on your own instinct and you have taste for freedom very pronounced? Your totem animal is definitely wild: Wolf. A man with a wolf totem always listens to his own intuition, his instincts. On the other hand, the wolf is also an animal predator. Like a bear or a lion, the wolf totem has a negative aspect that can be represented lack of trust in others or in your own feelings or actions. Finally, the wolf totem helps you with this keep your mind alive and till trust your instincts.


Find out what your totem animal is. Deer? Credit: iStock

You have character gentle, determined and intuitive ? Your totem is undoubtedly a deer. Deer is a totem animal full of sweetness and positive energy. This totem seeks to reunite you with your inner child to find yourself innocence. Your totem sends you spiritual messages, and you must listen to them. A deer can remind you to be gentle with yourself and others. Deer antlers symbolically represent you method of protection others for assert oneself in front of others. Moreover, having fallen, deer antlers are reborn. You can see here the fact that you can live a thousand lives in one, you have too ability to regenerate !!


Find out what your totem animal is. Cat? Credit: iStock

If your totem animal is a cat, it aspires will teach you patience. The cat is always waiting for the right time to attack its victim. He can wait for hours of statics to watch. How are you cat patient and inquisitive and you have a strong taste adventure and uncertainty. Cat’s wisdom helps you Keep calm keep control of your emotions in any situation act when the time comes.

Bird, hummingbird

Find out what your totem animal is. Hummingbird? Credit: iStock

The joy of life and lightness represent you Then your totem animal is undoubtedly a hummingbird. This bird fascinates with its own strength and determination. Despite its small size, it can cover long distances and even fly backwards and forwards. If your totem is a hummingbird, you’ve probably inherited it determination and adaptability. Hummingbird has a spiritual message for you: bring lightness into your life and get rid of the negative.


Find out what your totem animal is. A turtle? Credit: iStock

It is known that the turtle is slow on land, but fast in the water. If the turtle is your totem animal, you are ready for it make peace. Really, a turtle symbol of the way of peacethanks to her she has the ability to remain calm semi-terrestrial semi-aquatic nature. Having a turtle as your totem, you pursue your own way of life in peace. You are comfortable with nature, plants and animals, and the whole Earth is your home. However, it is often said that the turtle wears its house on its back (with shell). It’s the same for you, you are comfortable wherever you are.

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