What Netflix has in store for you in May (2022 issues)

As they say, in May do what you want, so if you want to treat yourself to a great session drinker it’s your right, but don’t forget to breathe fresh air. Because, obviously, once this month will be interrupted by many temptations for Netflix subscribers.

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Starting with the return Ghost in the shell SAC_2045 and get ready, because Chapter 9 will face a threat against humanity in this last part of the anime. But the real event this May will be when Netflix subscribers will finally be able to enjoy the first part Season 4 of the series “Strange Things”. !!

Please note that this calendar is regularly updated based on the information that comes to our attention. Don’t forget to contact him regularly!

May 1

In front of you
Cheetah (arthouse film)
Matt (hard to kill)
The trial of Adolf Eichmann
Arpo – 1 season
Our idiot brother
Clash of the Titans
Also thinks like a man
Better life
Hired witness
street dancer
Men in Black
People in black 3
The Millers family, a young family
Salt of the earth
Donkey 2.5
Are you him?
Interview with a vampire

May 2

Everything is correct
A liar is a liar
american pies 2
American pie 4
sexual dance 5
robbery of Central Park
Too perfect neighbor

May 3

With apnea: the transition to ice (documentary)
1958 show
Boys are more beautiful than flowers

May 4

Three meters above the sky – season 3
The last space is season 3
El Marginal – Season 5
Panic at the Three Mile Island generating station
Marianne and Leonard: words of love
Circle – USA – Season 4
Forty years and surprises

May 5

Pentaverat – 1 season
Clark is a mini-series
Blood Sisters is a mini-series
Small and wild – 1 season

May 6

The sound of magic
far from the ring road
Brother in love 2
Tar: three goals
Welcome to Eden

May 7

Bunker design 12
Stop filming us
Persecution in the catalog
Witch’s Valley (Spell of the Dead)
Amityville Theater
The last building of the cemetery lane
I’m in love with my car
Leaving Africa
Elon Musk: a real iron man
Theater of Fear, also known as the Midnight Horror
Pirate hunting
dancer show
Barracks – 1 season

May 8

Christina P: Mother’s Genes (Stand-up)
Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

May 9th

The best of enemies
Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Season 2

May 10

Working mothers – 6 season

May 11

42 days of darkness
Operation Stuffing
Wild beauty
Our father to all
perfect family

May 12

Mavericks – 1 season

May 13

Senior year
Lincoln Defense – Season 1
Empire Bling – Season 2
Handyman – 1 season

May 14

The curse of the sorcerer’s tree
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Ana de Dia
bitter-sweet days
Monster Time
All my love

May 15

Detective Conan – Season 2
hollow man
corporate animals

May 16

vampire in the garden
Deadly race

May 18

Diary of the Future – Season 2
Cyber ​​Hell: A Network of Horrors
Love and Autism History (USA)
Who killed Sarah? Season 3

May 19

The Baby Boss: Back to the Cradle (TV series)
Censorship of Murder: Jose Luis Cabezas
Insiders – Season 2
The perfect match
System G or the art of management
Insiders – Season 2 (first 3 episodes)

May 20

Love, death and work – 3 season
Donkey 4.5
Damn love always
The beauty of Jerusalem
Interview – 1 season
My next guest needs no introduction – with David Letterman, Season 4
Juan Navarro: Baldeweg
Live without water
Federico Correa

May 21

Our blues
Coffee in the desert

May 23

Good luck
Ocean of love – 1 season

May 24

Ricky Gervais: stand-up supernatural

May 25

Phil’s Culinary Troubles – Season 5
The Dead Don’t Die (with Bill Murray and Adam Driver)
Larva, the power of the amulet
Colo Blood Legacy :: memory of blood

May 26

My little pony: leave your mark
Shaman King – New episodes

May 27

Strange things – Part one – season 4
let’s dance

May 28

Godzilla: King of Monsters

May 28

Safe – 2 season

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