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This week, check out Atelier Rodin, a new place dedicated to sculpture for all ages: run there! Also immerse yourself in the fascinating world of archeology and forests, take a walk on the Urk canal, go to the movies… in Paris there is something to do! Have a nice week!

Heart attack

Rodin’s workshop, a youth space dedicated to sculpture

Before or after contemplation, a place for action! The Rodin Museum is a place of honor for the work of novice artists and opens from June 11 to August 28 Atelier Rodin, a new space dedicated to the discovery of art and sculpture through practice. Atelier Rodin is designed for all ages, and the activities offered are suitable for all ages with the sole purpose of arousing your curiosity and allowing you to explore Rodin’s art through play. More information

Meetings not to be missed

European Archeology Days

National Archeology Days raise public awareness of the diversity of archaeological heritage, research results and various specializations and excavation methods. The capital will offer a rich program, including a special weekend in the Archaeological Crypt, where music, games, stories, workshops will immerse you in the ruins of the ancient city of Paris! At the Musée des Plans-reliefs you will follow the museum’s lecturers to learn how historical models and archeology go hand in hand!

a piece of column

forest night

This year, from 17 to 26 June, 150 forests in France offer impressions in the heart of nature: shows, art installations, evenings, bivouacs and walks led by foresters or storytellers day and night will allow you to meet the fascinating. worlds of the forest. Quickly discover the entertainment program!


Annual haircut on a farm in Paris

An annual spring haircut is necessary for the well-being of ewes. We invite you to discover this profession, as well as the seasonal needs of sheep. Also from 14:30 to 17:00 you can take part in a master class “Wool as a runner”, classes around wool and vegetable dyes (registration on the site the same day).

Sheep shearing at the Ferme de Paris - spring 2021

Butterflies in the spotlight

Come to Maison Paris Nature to discover the life of butterflies behind the scenes. You will learn about the life cycle of butterflies, the threats to their survival and solutions to save them. Finally, you can take part in the care of butterflies and the maintenance of the aviary.

Falcons of Vincennes Castle

Pustalga is a symbolic predator of Paris. About thirty pairs nest in the largest buildings of the capital. Go with a telescope on your shoulders in search of several broods on the walls of Vincennes Castle to discover perhaps the youth of the year …

Walking and sports

200th anniversary of the Urk canal

In 2021, the Canal Saint-Denis celebrated the 200th anniversary of its commissioning. This year it was the turn of the Urk Canal. The commissioning of the de l’Ourcq canal between Paris and Murray-sur-Urc dates back to the end of 1822. Today, the Canal de l’Ourcq is a holiday destination with very lively shores and cruises organized, in particular, as part of the canal’s summer. The program of this 200th anniversary includes cruises, walks, bicycle rides, visits to the Trilbard lift, exhibitions, kayaking … Enjoy!

We play together with Lyudomov

Wandering Lyudomov moves from one area to another. They are run by professional toy librarians from the Kaloumba and À l’Adresse du Jeu associations. This week they stop at Butte Chaumont Park on the 19th and on the Rene Lebas Esplanade on the 11th.

Lyudomov: a library of toys on the beaches of Paris

Play like Jordan

Meet at the Porte des Lilas every Sunday morning as part of the Paris Sport Dimanches! Regardless of your level, come and enjoy free group lessons, open to the whole family and without prior registration. You can shine with a 3×3 basketball.


Synecides of June

From April to July CinéKids invite families to a real holiday of paints! Live, pastel, warm or shiny, films and special screenings (film concerts, previews, film…) of the program “Colorama” open the whole world of colorful images and characters! This week’s rendezvous with Jean de la Lun and The Adventures of Prince Ahmed.

Movies and sensations

All young children must one day learn to fly on their own. What an adventure to leave the nest to allow yourself to be guided by your curiosity, find different friends or even face the elements! Discover the program “Discovering the World” from 5 short animated films available for kids from 2 years. The screening will be followed by a master class in which young viewers create their own sensory landscape with the help of papers of different textures, which resonate with different techniques of animation of films in the program.

Family movie concert

Le Balzac Cinema offers you an eclectic and joyful screening of 8 short films selected for their fabulous ability to make us laugh, travel and think differently about our world. The show will be accompanied by an orchestra of 14 young professional musicians who will truly rethink the original compositions of these films.


musical tale

Between North Africa, Spain and the Congo, Samir and Davey talk and sing about their travels, interspersed with encounters and short life stories. Leaving France, Davey will find his roots in Africa, and Samir, Kabyle, is on his way back to Europe. To the sounds of their various instruments, they sing a hymn that is both serious and joyful, an ode to diversity, meeting and sharing.

children’s concert

The Lamoureux Orchestra has created an original concept of the concert, specially designed for children from 0 to 5 years. In a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, the orchestra plays music for kids for 30 minutes. From the show “Little Harpist”, the harp, one of the oldest musical instruments, is a special guest of the orchestra and reveals all its secrets.


Diary of a revolutionary

Come and learn with your family the history of the French Revolution in Paris through this workshop visit to the Carnival Museum! The 18th century and the revolution were auspicious periods for writing letters, correspondence, memoirs and diaries. After traveling through the rooms, the children are forced to invent their own diary, putting themselves in the place of a citizen who is going through the French Revolution.

paint your jungle

Discover the album My jungle book, Alice de Nossie and Estelle Belon-Spaniel (Grasset-Jeunesse, 2022) and imagine your own jungle! From a black-and-white picture, paint and paint the universe just for you, full of details and colors: it’s a jungle!

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