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Some famous restaurants have opened “little brother” establishments, such as Bouillon Bilk from Cadet or Hélicoptère from Hélico in Montreal. In the case of the jellyfish from Pubjelly or Poivre Noir from Frangine cantine, this time in Trois-Rivieres, these are opportunities used with new premises, which also allow to promote the work of employees.

Le Poivre Noir already had a room where the Frangine canteen will open in June. It was dedicated to the catering service, which was permanently closed during the pandemic. The chef’s parents also ran the gelateria there, but are now devoting their efforts to it. sea ​​hut Gamba. Thus, the address rue du Fleuve, which was simply used for configuration, was replaced by a new project. “We wanted something simpler,” said Emily Poulenc, canteen manager at a gourmet restaurant. The Frangine canteen will only be open during the summer season and is much easier to manage than a full-service restaurant. »

This makes it possible to diversify the offer and reach a new clientele, “probably a little younger.” The dining room formula includes fast food – a maximum of 15 minutes – and available – less than $ 20. Frangine cantine was conceptualized based on experience sea ​​hut. “It’s much cheaper than black pepper!” – the director insists. You can serve a lot of food without having so many employees. And although the cost of feed is growing quite significantly, cheaper feed is used with a higher profit margin. So it’s a way to cover our backs, and it’s refreshing to get into other concepts. »

As for Pubjelly, located in Old Montreal, it opened in February after the closure of La Pizzaiolle, located next to Jellyfish. The term “pub” refers to a casual and affordable concept, although it is a gastropub, which, among other things, serves crabs, scales, asparagus and fiddles. “Jelly” is also found in the title; after seven years of activity Medusa brings some popularity. The offer should be additional: customers can, for example, drink an aperitif at Pubjelly before dinner at Jellyfish. It aims to reach out to neighboring customers, to have a higher frequency of visits than in a restaurant with a lower average payment, while continuing to offer chef Mathieu Masson-Dussepp’s cuisine.

Commitment to employees

Pubjelly also achieves economies of scale by using, among other things, the same mixologist and sommelier as Medusa. “If Pubjelly was alone, we probably wouldn’t have allowed ourselves to hire a sommelier of that quality,” says co-owner Francis Rodrigo. Another example: a chef comes at 6 am to set up two establishments. “We can have a regular sauce or marinade to save some time,” he adds.

His plans included a “cook’s trip”. For example, the Pizzaiolle pizza oven has been preserved, and the new menu includes al taglio pizza. The new establishment also has an open kitchen. Medusa’s manager became a partner of Pubjelly. “Sometimes, to keep your staff highly qualified, you can say, ‘I’ve been teaching you for five years and we’ve been working together, so instead of risking losing you, we can make room for you.’ This allows you to build a great company, keep good employees and grow with them, ”says Francis Rodrigo.

The point of view shared by Poirier Noir, who together with Frangine cantine wants to involve employees in a new project to save them and build connections. The new staff will be responsible for chef Jean-François Jette, who has worked for the company for more than ten years.

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