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For those who want to create a truly real cosplay MCU, here’s how to find Elena’s earrings Black widow online. Scarlett Johansson’s hero Natasha Romanoff has finally got a solo outing when the long-awaited Black widow released in 2021. The action takes place between the events of 2016 Captain America: Civil War and 2019 The Avengers: Infinity WarThe film tells the story of Natasha as she reunites with her long-lost foster sister, Elena Belova (Florence Pew), to confront her troubled past as a KGB assassin.

Natasha may have been in the center Black widow, but Elena became her heroic breakthrough thanks to the passionate, exciting scene of the role of Florence Pew in the role of a fierce and funny ex-killer. Later, Elena appeared in the Disney + series Hawk’s eye made her a new fan favorite, and although Marvel Studios president Kevin Faigy has insisted she is not ready to become the new Black Widow, MCU fans are still hoping that at some point in the future she will move into his sister.

Being such a popular character, there will undoubtedly be many MCU fans who want to dress like Olena Belova at congresses, and, fortunately, her main outfit in the film is relatively easy to recreate. In an interview with Variety, Black widow Costume designer Jenny Temime said she decided to create “functional“and”armylook at Elena, which reflects the fact that she spent most of her life studying and brainwashing the military. That’s why she spends most of the film in a white jumpsuit, a green military vest with lots of pockets (a fact she’s very proud of) and sturdy boots that are fairly easy to find. However, Elena’s main outfit has some not-so-practical items, such as the earrings she wears.

For MCU cosplayers who want to recreate her look down to accessories, an eagle Redditor named Laurasauli has found exactly where to buy Elena’s earrings. Black widow online. The hoops she wears on her lobes are Missoma Mini Claw Charm earrings, which now cost about $ 84, and her cartilage piercing includes Missoma Shield Hoop mini earrings for $ 84.90.

in Black widow After the captions, Olena Belova wears another type of clothing, which consists of a white crop top combined with checkered pants and a coat with a stylish checkered print – an ensemble that symbolizes that she left her washing past behind. the inspiration behind and that she now controls her own lifestyle (and fashion). Interestingly, the stage outfit of Elena Belova after the captions inspired the eccentrically chic wardrobe of the character in Hawk’s eyeAccording to an interview given by costume designer Michael Crowe Initiated. Fans of Elena Hawk’s eye style can find where to buy her clothes and accessories on ShopYourTV and Spotern.

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