Who are the legislative candidates in Upper Vienna?

The first constituency

– Sophie Baudouin-Ubier (outgoing deputy), replacement Isabel Negri: Together

“Elizabeth Focon.”alternative Isabel Derosh alternative: Labor struggle

“Christian Gedu.”replacement Cyril Luik: National Rally

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“Fabien Marche.”replacement Jean Ruffignac: Reconquest

– Damien ModeDeputy Cassandra Serier: LFI-Nupes

– David Provoreplacement Louise Amselek Jacquet: Animalist Party

“Stephanie Tambo.”alternative Xavier Raynaud: no tags

“Jean Valier-Viale.”replacement of Geraldine Belezi: Republicans

Second constituency

“Jean-Luc Bonnet.”Bertrand Vento’s deputy: dissident candidate, presidential majority

– Jean-Marie Bostreplacing Benjamin Battistini: Republicans

“Gisele Carre.”replacement of Jean-Michel Devo: Reconquest

– Cyril Cognerasreplacement Corinne Guillaume: Occitan Party

“Stefan Delotrett.”Deputy Emily Rabo: Socialist Party – Nupes

– Daniel GendarmeMichelin Corn’s deputy: the Republican and Socialist Left

– Sabrina Mingealternative Christophe Leschevalier: National Rally

– Claudine RussiDeputy Monique Chapelle: The struggle of workers

“Sherezada Seiter.”Alternative Jeffrey Parot: Together

Third constituency

“Antoine Ardan.”replacement Josian Lafurcade: Reconquest

“Corinne Brossar.”Deputy Elizabeth Upton-Desobry: rural movement

-Albin FreicheAlternative Jonathan Willie: National Rally

“Vincent Leonie.”Deputy Valerie Le Norman: dissident candidate, presidential majority

“Manon Miller.”Eric Fontanillas’ deputy: LFI-Nupes

“Daniel Murnetas.”Deputy Chantal Danen: Labor struggle

“Nellie Rassat.”Deputy Maxim Cayon: Occitan Party

– Nazih SabuneAnne-Cecil Goven’s deputy: various centers

-Joffroy Sardenreplacement of Roland Merrigue: Together

“Gilles Toulouse.”replacement of Natalia Mezil: Republicans

It should be noted that the list of candidates published this Friday by the prefecture of Haute-Vienne does not have political labels.

The circular, dated May 13, was signed by Gerald Darmanin and has remained controversial ever since: the Interior Ministry has not retained the Nupes brand for candidates from the New People’s Ecological and Social Union, while accepting the single label of the presidential majority party.

Thus, according to the list of official nuances, the candidates from LREM, MoDem and their colleagues will be able to use the wording “Together! (Presidential majority) “. On the other hand, candidates from LFI, PS, EELV and PC will not be able to benefit from the wording of Nupes and will have to appear under the label of their respective party.

However, this is not a matter of chronology: “Together” was formed only on May 5, and the alliance of left-wing parties was formed a few days earlier. How to confuse the traces of voters? In any case, this is what interested political leaders condemn.

However, it is not that the mentions are reproduced in the ballots, which are at the discretion of the formations and could well be a label Nupes. But the nuance is no less strategic: it allows the ministry to sum up, and this difference in attitude may allow presidential majority candidates to artificially take the lead when they are not in reality.

“The illusionist figure is not very fair,” said Nupes, who is preparing to appeal to the State Council in the coming hours, early next week at the latest.


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