Why did Marie Lafort call Alain Delon an “ass” after filming?

Airing this Thursday, August 10 at 9:10 PM on TMC, full sun this is undoubtedly the film that really launched Alain Delon’s career. A few years before the classics Cheetah, samuraiWhere Borsalino, the So native still only has a handful of roles to his credit. He meets Romy Schneider, whom he will marry later Basinin 1958 on the set Christinathen plays the son of the character played by Bourville in The path of schoolchildren. Filming will begin next year full sun. In front of the camera René Clément, the director of the masterpiece Is Paris burning?, he lends his chops to a well-known character on the big screen: Tom Ripley. Tasked by a billionaire to bring his son back to San Francisco while the latter vacations in Italy with his lover (Marge), he lives in the couple’s intimate atmosphere and becomes a jack-of-all-trades character camped by Maurice Ronet. Opposite Alain Delon, Marie Laforet, who revealed the identity of her first love, plays her first role on the big screen and gives a performance that does not tolerate any difficulties. However, filming was not easy for her. In question: his complicated relationship with Alain Delon.

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Marie Laforet scorned Alain Delon on the set of Plein Soleil

Everything (badly) started as soon as they met in the elevator. Romy Schneider’s companion would be especially cash from the start. – Do you want me to fuck you?, he told his co-star, according to Alain Vodraska, Marie Laforet’s biographer. Before being even more persistent in the face of the latter’s refusal: “You don’t know what you’re missing!”. And the actress answers without any complexes: “You’ll never know what you’re missing either!”. The biographer adds that Alain Delon and Maurice Ronet “despised her” on the set. Even Romy Schneider allowed herself this “taunting her as she joined her fiance on set”. Finally, the actress-singer was prone to seasickness, “locked in a cabin, ‘in the bottom of a stinking boat,’ in her own words.”

Investigators are investigating the life of Marie Laforet

Unfortunately, Alain Delon’s bad experience didn’t end there for director Lisa Azuelos’ mother. Almost ten years later, Marie Laforet finds herself involved in a terrible affair after discovering the body of Stevan Markovic, the secretary and bodyguard of a famous actor. After slanderous denunciations, as well as an investigation, the police became interested in the actress. Investigators ask him all kinds of questions about his private life, even before they search his apartment at every corner in order to finally remove him from the case. A particularly painful episode for Marie Laforet, who later admitted that she felt “humiliated”.

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full sun : Marie Laforet tried to recover

She will return to her play partner several times over the years full sun, in the conditions each time is not very complimentary. In an uncompromising interview in 1978, she described Alain Delon and Maurice Ronet as “pretentious” and “disparagingly”and even exceed: “two jerks”. Several decades after filming, the image of Marie Laforet is still as persistent. “I never had a relationship with him. (…) Alain is not funny, he has no sense of humor, he is not even smart.” she mentions in the columns of France Soir in 2004.

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