Why didn’t the eagles take Frodo to Mount Doom?

Many of us wonder why the Eagles weren’t mobilized to throw the One Ring into Mount Doom. But not everything is so simple…

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Years after the release of the books and film adaptations, we are still enthralled by the mysteries surrounding us The Lord of the Rings. Lately we’ve been wondering why Sauron never trusted Frodo when he was nearing his goal. And another choice of the scenario caused us quite a headache. Why didn’t the Eagles help Frodo carry the Ring to the volcano to destroy it?

Before explaining the possible reasons, it is worth recalling a historical reminder. in The Silmarillion, we learn that the winged creatures were sent to Middle-earth by the mighty Vala Manwe. Their mission was to watch over Morgoth and his orcs and support the Noldor in case of force majeure. They took part in particular in the War of the Great Wrath, which led to the fall of Morgoth, and in particular dealt with the slaying of dragons.

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Eagles got involved in the affairs of Middle-earth

After a stage on the island of Númenor during the Second Age, some Eagles took up positions in the northern Misty Mountains. They took part in the Battle of the Five Armies, allowing dwarves, humans and elves to defeat the goblins. Also in the Third Age they also aided the elves Fendeval and Radagast by spying on the orcs.

in The Lord of the Rings, later the Eagle Gwaihir rescued Gandalf from the clutches of Saruman, who imprisoned him atop the tower of Orthanc. He will take him “under his wing” after the fight with the Balrog anyway. Very valiant, he would take part in the Battle of the Black Door with several of his kin, and then lead Frodo and Sam out of Mount Doom.

A rich history that shows the participation of creatures in earthly affairs. And this brings us back to our original question: why didn’t Frodo make the long journey on foot, ride an eagle, to throw the Ring into Mount Doom and destroy Sauron?

Sending the Eagles to Mordor would be suicide.

From a strategic point of view, sending the Eagles with the One to Mordor was far from a brilliant idea. Even though they were majestic, they did not go unnoticed and would have been spotted by the Eye in an instant. The Dark Lord would then mobilize the Nazgul (on their demonic winged steeds) and all the living forces of Mordor. Then the Eagles would have little chance of getting out of it.

In the event of a (probable) defeat, the Ring would be immediately reclaimed by Sauron, with all the dramatic consequences that would entail. Hence the relevance of a more inconspicuous mission on foot, the chances of success of which were much greater. In particular, thanks to the distraction of Aragorn, who allowed Frodo and Sam to slip into the depths of Mount Doom.

Gwaihir was in debt to Gandalf, but…

Besides, Torondor, Gwaihir and the wives are far from puppets who wisely follow orders. Proud creatures descended from the Valar, the Eagles act according to their own interests and their own demands. They are not available to the Fellowship of the Ring. And if Gwaihir carries Gandalf three times, it is only because he is indebted to Istar, who once saved his life.

“Twice have you borne me, Gwaihir, my friend,” said Gandalf. Clean everything a third time, if you will”thus emphasizes the wizard at the end of the Return of the King. Despite this debt, Gandalf would never have asked the Eagle to go to Mordor while Sauron was still alive. A suicidal mission that would have little chance of success, as we detailed above.

Satisfied with this explanation? If you disagree with the arguments presented or if you have others, feel free to share your science with us in the comments. And while you’re still being held, did you know there’s another way to destroy the One Ring?

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