why Lipsi is an island worth discovering in the Dodecanese

This confetti island, located between Patmos and Kos, is a real sanctuary in the Aegean Sea, away from the tourist waves breaking through the neighboring Cyclades.

Lipsi, located east of Patmos and north of Kos (the main airport of the archipelago), is one of those inconspicuous, even secret, Greek islands, where the boat usually stops on the way to the more touristy region of the Dodecanese. Too small for the airport, too restrained for blatant promises, Lipsi is a microscopic paradise with sunbeds and umbrellas, beach bars and hotels. all inclusive do not have citizenship. They just enjoy nature. It is surrounded by blue, turquoise or emerald waters of the Aegean Sea, and is home to the rare diversity of Mediterranean flora and rich fauna, which explains why the Aegean Institute for the Protection of the Sea creates a reserve of life there.

Aegean confetti, surrounded by 31 islands and rocks

Lipsi Chora, the only village on the island, with its traditional fishing boats. 700 inhabitants live in Lipsi all year round. John

The buildings of the unique village of Lipsy form a cheerful picture of the white and blue facades located in the amphitheater around the port. As in all of Greece, mythology is never far away: it is said that it was here that the nymph Calypso offered Ulysses eternity in exchange for his love. Located at the bottom of a miniature bay in the center of the two peninsulas that make up the island, Lipsi Chora (village) hugs each other. Calypso Tavern, bakery, beautifully decorated area for festive evenings, an old tree that gives the desired shade, a stall with sponges pulled from the sea, the church in the background, welcome to the touching island for its simplicity. A stop on the route of protected migratory birds, a land where fragrant plants and certain endemic orchids grow in abundance, Lipsi is surrounded by a ring of 31 islands and rocks scattered on the shore like island sparkles. Macronis is one of the most impressive with its turquoise waters and round pool designed by geological chance. Near the white rocks withAsprosinia we invite you to dive into the electric blue waters and relax on the sand. As for petals, you sail there in pastel emerald tones under the arch of purple rocks.

In the morning, have breakfast on the terrace of the port bakery, Kairis, with regulars who will come to taste, just out of the oven, cheese puff pastry (tiropitas) and local pastries.

Preserved and protected nature

Macronissy Natural Pool. Vergados Giorgos

Natural area of ​​the Natura 2000 network, Lipsi, which you can enjoy hiking on marked cultural trails. The fully paved Assumption Trail allows you to travel the Dodecanese Island from one cape to another in an hour through shrubs, centuries-old olive groves, fragrant groves and pastures. A walk around the pass, between the two peninsulas, passes by the beach with Linkou, the closest to the port, whose turquoise waters are only a taste of shades of blue, which are available along 36 km of the island’s coastline.

Cap Blanc, to the northeast, leads through the fields to Monodendry, a beach very popular with naturists, with its sequence of mini-bays of white sand and light rocks. To the southeast is a historic trail Xyrocambosfrom where you can swim to the islands with Kuluras and for Chokhlakura, a romantic beach with golden sand planted with tamarisk and his cave. To the west, in the footsteps of monks, the trail descends to the caves in the bay with. Kimisi. As for the path leading to the bay with Moschatoit runs along the north coast, past the most incredible beach on the island, Platis Gialos which offers an incredible spectacle, from the blue pool to the deep turquoise through the whole imaginary palette of blue and green, and leads to the Institute for the Conservation of Marine Life.

Religious miracle and wine festival: the most interesting moments of summer

The icon is celebrated every year on August 23: withered stems bloom again every year. Theastok

The Panagia tou harou is a religious and festive highlight of the small island of Dodecanese. And for good reason: this miraculous icon of the Mother of God is a phenomenon that no scientific study has been able to find out yet. Dried branches of white lilies, which adorn the image of the Virgin holding the crucified Christ, are the object of an interesting phenomenon. Gifted to the icon 80 years ago by a young girl from the island, the withered stems tirelessly begin to sprout buds every year, from March 25 until the full bloom on August 23. The popular holiday, which annually celebrates this miracle, attracts the faithful from the neighboring islands, which are added to the 700 inhabitants of Lipsi. Procession, music, popular dances and local products, this amazing bloom gives rise to 3 days of touching holidays. Another bright event in the heart of summer, in addition to the various celebrations that take place in the countless chapels of the island in honor of their saints, wine festivalin early August allows you to taste the products of two growers of the island.

We love :

Taste Nicholas Paradisis wine in the middle of his vineyards, visit the cellar of Manolis Vavulas and Nikos Grillis www.lipsiwinery.com, taste the soft wood-fired cheese that Sarandis makes on his farm, or taste thyme honey. hives of Nikiforos and Pandelis Clampsy. There is no address in Lipsy, ask, everyone knows.

Practical notebook


On the boat:from the port of Piraeus (8 hours crossing) and from the neighboring islands of Patmos, Leros and Kalymnos.


boat on neighboring islands, daily excursions: RENA, tel. : +30 69 47 33 91 41 or HAROULA, tel. : +30 69 43 25 25 52

On horseback, Lack of horseback riding, tel. : +30 69 79 60 56 96, www.lipsihorseriding.com

MOTOR RENT GEORGE, rent a car, ATV or scooter, in the port, near the port administration office, tel. : +30 69 42 40 96 79 (island mechanic and taxi)

Bicycle rental , Marcos and Maria, tel. : +30 69 83 30 66 89 or Nikitaras tel. : +30 69 86 93 45 44


Many apartments and guest rooms have been equipped to accommodate travelers. 10 minutes walk from the village and beaches of Liendou or Chohlakur, Catherine the Villachit is a set of two very comfortable houses, for 2 or 4 people, between the farm and the meadows. The terrace offers an exceptional view of the port at sunset and guaranteed Olympic peace. From 70 to 140 euros. There is no address in Lipsi, do not hesitate to ask about the port.


Twice the gold medalist of the international competition “Quality and Taste”, chef Manolis Hiras is a native of the country, and it was in the mansion in Lipsi that he chose to practice his art. Ceviche with shrimp, bruschetta with crabs, tuna carpaccio, octopus flambéed with tsipuro… The menu is impressive, and the result exceeds all expectations! The taste of Manoli , small rural area, tel. : +30 69 80 53 44 52, www.manolistastes.com, reservation recommended.

Calypsothis is a traditional tavern where you dine under the grill in the port. The family atmosphere and specialties of the moment are based on the catch of the day and vegetables from the garden. Sea bass carpaccio, grilled shrimp, clams in lemon sauce, be tempted by the chef’s suggestions … tel. : +30 69 73 23 10 20


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