why was there no televised debate for each constituency on the regional antennas of France 3? – Dismissal

Of France’s 539 constituencies, less than half had televised debates since the parliamentary elections.


You asked us questions about France 3 in the regions and the debate over the parliamentary elections. In fact, the 24 France 3 antennas present in 13 French regions did not organize a debate for all constituencies. According to France 3, there will be 200 televised debates before the parliamentary elections, less than half of France’s 539 constituencies. “It’s the biggest blanket we can make. ” explains Andre Focon, Deputy Director of Communications of the France 3 regional network.It would be too difficult to organize a debate for so many constituencies. “

Turned to CheckNewsJean-Philippe Tranvuez, editor-in-chief of France 3 Bourgogne, explains that each antenna “is autonomous in its programming according to the slots provided by the network and has made a choice according to the number of its voters.In his case, the antenna France 3 Bourgogne had 6 slots of 52 minutes, which he could transform into 12 of 26 minutes. “I simplify, but one evening I could have either 2 debates of 52 minutes or 4 debates of 26 minutes».

But the former region of Burgundy, which had 15 constituencies, was not allowed to hold a debate for each of them. “From now on, we have decided to hold six 52-minute debates so that the candidates have time to speak. At first we decided to take one constituency to the department [4] in order to properly cover the territory, we then selected those districts that have the greatest share and interest. As part of Nièvre, the choice fell on the district of Nevers, a historic socialist district that voted for the RN during the last presidential election. The antenna also chose the 5th arrondissement of Soni and Loire, where Gilles Platre finally introduced himself at the last minute to Les Républicains after he was given the intention to leave the party during the presidential election.

Conversely, the France 3 Franche-Comté antenna should cover only 12 constituencies, and therefore debated for each of them. “We took care to hold 12 debates, taking into account the planned air time. Some more than 30 minutes, others more than an hour and a few minutes. At the same time, the duration is chosen according to the constituency rates: the results of the presidential election, the list of candidates, if the incumbent does not run, the vote is more open, so we take longer, which also allows us to invite more candidates. ” explains Isabelle Mounier, editor-in-chief of the antenna.

Note that some debates were held without specific candidates. Thus, Elizabeth Bourne refused to take part in the debate for the 6th constituency of Calvados, without interfering with their holding or distribution, which took place on Sunday, June 5. “The debate can still take place if the candidate says no. That is his responsibility. ” explains Jean-Philippe Tranvuez.

Asked about the article from Parisian Explaining that the debate in the Northern Pas-de-Calais constituency of Marin Le Pen will not take place because she refused to take part, Andre Focon refutes this information, explaining that she “could not decline an invitation that was not sent. The editor preferred to organize debates in other constituencies with higher stakes.

There was no official invitation. It was decided by mutual agreement that there is no share in this district. ” confirms Carolyn Parmantier, spokeswoman for Marine Le Pen. The latter, a constituency deputy who is running in the election, is a big favorite in her succession. In the two rounds of the presidential election, she was significantly ahead in the constituency, gaining 45.2% and then 63.4% of the vote.

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