Wild camping in L’Aigle. Car or RV, the city will fine you

The motorhome parking has 12 spaces ©Le Réveil Normand

In L’Aigle (Orne) there are 1,360 parking spaces, including those along the road.

Park from night on L’Aigle, a parking available in the city, near shops.

A convenient location is at 15 bis avenue du Mont Saint Michel. This is payment zone with 12 parking spaces in connection with the Cdc Pays de L’Aigle. The services offered are 3 euros (including electricity, drinking water, industrial terminal, gray water emptying and toilet emptying) and parking, €7. There is a website under camera surveillance.

“Tolerance to Motorhomes”

Traffic rules adjusts the location. It is allowed to park motorhomes 7 days max in the same place and should not be annoying or dangerous.

In addition, motor homes are subject to a fine of 35 euros for wrong parking.

In the city, the internal routine of L’Aigle starting from March 5, 2018 regulates motorhome parking. It stipulates that “parking of motorhomes and motorhomes is prohibited on the public territory of the city from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.”

A ticket is issued for parked vehicles off site to the height 35 euro fine.

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however, Stephanie Lecomble, responsible for the municipal police, describes a certain looseness towards motorhomes.

We allow motorhome parking in free parking lots at night.

Stephanie Lecomble, head of the municipal police

“Prevention, not repression”

We’ve seen campers parked in large surface car parks before, but very often they ask permission from the town hall and they can park in the free car park right in front of the town hall.

Jean-Marie Goossen, deputy mayor

In summary, if any absence of noise pollution, insecurity, degradation of nature, no need to intervene.

Jean-Marie Hussen asserts “We act more preventively than repressively.”

And for good reason, Stephanie Lecomble favourite analyze situation before imposing sanctions. She warns. “There’s always an explanation, we’re trying to figure it out, just like in the case of improper parking. Subsequently, if we notice that a motor home has been present for 5 days, we will notify you that the motor home space is vacated.”

The policeman lists what he has is punished.

You cannot drain sewage in the parking lot, take water from a fire hydrant, or illegally connect electricity.

Stephanie Lecomble, head of the municipal police

Article of the law R* 116-2 of the Code of the road network indicates the sanction to 1,500 €, 3,000 € in the case of a repeat offense and up to confiscation of the vehicle.

The deputy mayor explains that “illegally connecting electricity or taking drinking water from fire hydrants is considered theft, so a complaint has been filed.”

I have been here for 22 years, we have never had problems with motor homes, we try to be understanding.

Stephanie Lecomble, head of the municipal police

However, it is important to note that paid parking is available.

Can you camp in your car?

In France it is like that it is legal to sleep in your car under certain conditions. Under threat of punishment for improper parking (a fine of 35 euros). Be careful, some municipalities don’t allow it (like Paris).

At L’Aigle, Stéphanie Lecomble and Jean-Marie Goossen are unanimous on this point.

We never had a case of wild camping in the car. Single people who sleep in their cars often have problems with housing. In these cases, they turn to social services.

Stephanie Lecomble and Jean-Marie Goossen

There is no ban on camping in your car in the city, provided that, just like motorhomes,to be environmentally friendly. Toll zone for motorhomes access to other vehicles is not allowed.

Some places are forbidden, we you cannot camp near protected natural areas like plane trees

It is forbidden to stop on roads and paths, the coast, less than 500 m from monuments that are on the list of monuments, and less than 200 m from forest or plantations.

For example, near Saint-Martin, Saint-Jean, we will not see anyone parked for the night under plane trees.

Jean-Marie Goossen, deputy mayor

National regulations

To sleep in a vehicle, it is recommended to park in the HGV, HGV and free 24-hour car parks.

Once a space is found, Direct Assurance will state on its website: No parking more than 24 hours, there are no objects outside vehicle and obey the law parking is available on site.

Opt for blackout, opaque curtains at the risk of being fined exhibitionism until 15,000 euro fine and 1 year imprisonment.

The public service website of France informs that in case of incorrect parking (more than 7 days) you face a fixed fine of 35 euros, 75 euros if the payment deadline is exceeded before the vehicle is stopped and seized if you refuse to move.

By car or mobile home, local regulations must be followed in all cases.

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