With Panelpocket, follow the information of your municipality in real time, it is possible in Pays de L’Aigle

The Pocket Panel application allows you to monitor real-time information from the gendarmerie ©Illustration/Le Réveil Normand

Panel pocketthis is the name of the program that captures the hearts of the Pays de L’Aigle municipalities.

This application system allows residents monitor the information of your municipality in real time.

But beware! The application is installed only by certain municipalities.

In our environment, L’Aigle Gendarmerie Brigade Communityreal-time danger alerts, traffic changes, etc.

And this is special town halls that the app manages to seduce. You don’t have to go far, the town hall of Saint-Ouen-sur-Eton, Fe, Menil-Berard, Maheru, Ob…

for Veronique Elle, the mayor of the Abe commune, the program is good. already 35% of residents accept the established program at the beginning of the mandatein September 2020.

Returns basically positive. The information is posted city ​​clerk or mayor.

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The information concerns residents, prefectural decrees, preventive notices, risk of alarm, exceptional closing dates.

Veronique Elle, mayor of the city of Ob

“Distribution in just 24 hours”

It’s only been a few days Joel Brunet, the mayor of Saint-Ouen-sur-Eton created the program, and at the moment it is satisfied. This is Fr association of mayors that the idea was missed and Joel Brunet was very quick to adopt it.

Beyond information, it describes us the spirit of participation around this app. “Anyone can provide information: deputies, the mayor, and even residents.” It is the mayor’s office that will manage the application, and in particular, the mayor who describes to us the selection of information that is transmitted.

Having information, we always check its validity. Then we discuss it among ourselves, with the consultants, to see if we put it in the application or not.

Joël Brunet, Mayor of Saint-Ouen-sur-Eton

To give you an idea of ​​what it’s about, “for example, a municipal holiday, we put it up to bring it to the residents, the contacts of the city hall as well, useful things.” To purchase the application, the town hall had to pay subscription

During his last St Ouen-sur-Eton Town Councilsubscription to 180 € with tax adopted by 14 votes.

for Joel Brunet, the appendix is ​​a a quick way to communicate. “Information spreads in just 24 hours.”

Veronique Elle, Mayor Abe explains that one of the advantages is the “inexpensive for the municipality” subscription.

“To touch other people”

For others, such as Fey City Hall, it is a means of conveying information all residents

We don’t have a website and often post information on the bulletin board, but some people don’t get past. We continue to display information there, but the app makes it possible to reach other people who would not necessarily pass in front of the town hall.

City Hall Secretary Faye

They, in turn, are Maher’s example, which they imitated and appreciated.

The application is configured a few months ago and already one fifty men is on it, and most are rejoice. “There’s a lot of information and it’s easier to get,” says a city official.

She is the one who cares about publishing information and managing the application, she describes

“We mainly post prefectural decrees that are important, the schedule of the mayor’s office, demonstrations. We really try to post as much relevant information as possible. If there are doubts, we talk to the elected officials. It’s difficult, especially since we only open once a week.

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