Xerion is celebrating its 25th anniversary

25 years of history of agricultural machinery. The German manufacturer is offering a retro-look limited edition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Xerion four-wheel drive tractor.

Claas is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Xerion tractor with a limited edition retro look. (© Claas)

D25 years ago Claas presented its tractors with high power Xerion. On the occasion of this event, the car is offered in limited edition.

In 1997, thanks to Claas, the history of tractors changed. Indeed, with the Xerion 2500, which was first introduced to the public in 1993, the manufacturer added the first tractor to its range since the time of the transport of tools called Huckepack and moreover, a model whose power stands out. After more than 20 years of development, the first copy is ready for mass production, equipped with it Six-cylinder Caterpillar engine with a capacity of 250 hp power and benefits from continuously variable transmission HM-8 developed by Claas.

With four clutch positions, an impressive payload, a rotating cockpit, four equal-sized drive and steering wheels, and permanent four-wheel drive, the racing car asserts its uniqueness. A maneuverable self-propelled seeding combine with a crab drive to preserve the soil, a compact self-propelled beet harvester, a wide self-propelled mower with triple combinations in reverse or a powerful sowing combination with the adaptation of specialized equipment, the field of action expands as it moves.

Versatility, efficiency and traction

In 2004, the German brand used a ZF continuously variable transmission on its Xerion 3300. Due to increased engine power, in particular, the Xerion 3800, which develops 379 hp. and which appeared on the market in 2007, as well as its ball coupling, the saddle installed behind the cab, the machine becomes capable of transporting bulky manure tanks. The Saddle Trac versionwith a cab located above the engine completes the range.

In 2009 in Agricultural machinery, the two largest Xerion tractor models, the 4500 and 5000, are available in Trac and Trac VC (rotating cab) versions. The two flagships of the brand will benefit from The concept of Kraftintelligenz (power and intelligence), creating allies to do the difficult work in terms of traction, as well as chopping and milling the wood.

In 2013 Xerions came out with Daimler-Benz/MTU engines under the hood to cater to the HRC market. The range consists of three models: the Xerion 4000, 4500 and 5000. The following year, in 2014, the tractors were offered across the Atlantic in North America. During testing in Nebraska in 2017, in the 450 to 500 hp tractor category. the machines broke records for efficiency, low engine rpm, tractive power and cabin noise.

2019: New Xerion 4200, 4500 and 5000 Sign go to stage V from the assortment. The two most powerful models are also available in the Trac TS version with four triangular tracks. On August 24, 2020, the international fame of the tractor was ensured by its feat on The northern loop of the Nürburgring circuit : at the wheel, driver Christian Menzel completes the 20.6 km distance in just 25 minutes 50 seconds in reverse gear with the cockpit upside down! The video currently has over a million views on Auto, motor and sports YouTube channel.

Limited anniversary edition

Today, about 400 Xerions are produced each year. Over the past three years, sales have doubled! To mark the anniversary, Claas is offering its key markets a limited edition with a retro look inspired by the color of the first Xerion 2500 launched in 1997. The “Limited Edition” finish will be demonstrated at exhibitions and available to loyal customers of the tractor. In addition, all units built between July 2022 and July 2023 will have an anniversary decal on the cab doors.

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