Yverdon Cantonal Festival – Vaud Gym has reopened

The Vaud gym is back

Corey Davet from the Lausanne Company in her works.
Alyssa Pacheco from Aigle-Alliance on the high bar.
Corey Davet seems to be flying through the air.
Nolaine Mermod does not miss the performance of his friends.

“We notice that the gymnasts are a little tense. We feel that they want to do well. “

Elodie Martin-Fleury, Judge

Coaches Cyril Noble of Forel-Savigny and Nadia Calderini of Aigle guarantee that everything is perfect for their gymnasts.
Judges Elodie Martin-Fleury and Jeff Eberhard.

Prevention of abuse

The party will run from June 16 to 19 with entertainment and competitions throughout Yverdon.

Individual competitions were held in the Salle des Isles on Saturday.

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