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Born on June 17, 1931 in Paris, Yves Pierre Barsac immersed himself in the world of cinema, thanks in part to his father Lon, a famous production designer, and his uncle Andre, a director.

His first known role was in cinema in 1957 Adorable Boys. Then there was a very fruitful career, during which he toured extensively, whether for film or television.
However, Eve has never been a headliner: he is limited to supporting roles, appearances, but all this amazes the audience, which, therefore, loves him.

His important career forced him to play with big names in French cinema, mostly for a few seconds or minutes.
in The longest day (1962), when his father worked there as a set designer, Yves played the role of a resistance fighter who blew up telephone lines with Bourville.
Two years later, he gives a moment to Michel Cerro’s replica as an inspector in Georges Lautner’s film. Dandelions with roots.
He corresponds several times to the famous Louis de Fans: we can find him as a motorist at the beginning of the film. The gendarme is getting married (1968), as well as in Gendarme on a walk (1970). It is also found in Battleship where he is a postal worker.

Yves Barsak with Louis de Fans in the film The gendarme is getting married

His filmography corresponds only to his voxography: he is very active in dubbing, he is also credited there for additional characters, and never for headliners.

James Bond Man with a golden weapon (1974), he was voted an expert on MI6 weapons.

When sounding War networksYves are distributed to make additional votes. We hear this for the first time with Nahdonnis Praja on board Tantive IVa little later as a sandy landing Devin Felt, then again at landing Millennial falcon the edge of the Death Star, like a voice from loudspeakers.

a comes from the blackbird, a!
The only sentence of Devin Felt, uttered by Yves Barsak


After these anecdotal roles, he got another still modest, but a little more impressive in the next film, in the character of Zeus Senesca, alias Rogue 2. After that, he never returned to the saga.

Yves Barsak

Yves Barsak in the 1976 film Toy

He is involved in the film Ghost hunters (V.O. ghost hunters) in 1984, where he plays the voice of a police officer who comes to the office of SOS Fantmes. In 1989, he played Judge Wexler.

In the movie Batman (1989), then its often described sequels Batman forever (1995) and Batman and Robin (1997), he christened Commissioner Gordon. At the same time, it is a French distribution of the masterpiece titanic (1997), voiced by Colonel Archibald Gracie (played by Bernard Fox).

In 1988, he played Marvin Acme (played by Stubby Kay). Who framed Roger Rabbit. That same year he made Oldwin’s great Willow (Billy Barty).

In the early 1990s, he was cast as the policeman Dupont in the anime series The Adventures of Tintin. There are also some additional votes. In the same year he voiced two famous films: the pursuit of red october both Watson and Mayor of Hill Valley Back to the future 3.

In the movie Demolition man (1993), he became the head of George Earl.

In 2000 in an animated film Princes and princesses Michelle Ocelot voices That, an old movie, in the company of two young actors who make up stories, as well as a few extra voices. Ten years later, he resumed his role in the series Dragons and princesses.

Between 2001 and 2007, he interpreted pp Cdric in a cartoon series inspired by the comic book of the same name.

In 2007, he named Minister of Magic Cornlius Fudge in a film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Previously, this character was dubbed by Philip Duma, voiced by old Ben Kenobi in the original trilogy.

Yves Barsak

Yves Barsak in 2010 in an interview for Dubbing school

In 2011, he played Larry Komagika in the animated film Cat Pott.

The last dubbing was in 2013. One for a children’s anime series T’choupi school, in which he plays the role of grandfather; one for A detachment of gangsters o he is Judge Carter; Professor Lavrov in the animated film Tad Explorer ; and grandfather in the animated film My mom is in America, she met Buffalo Bill. Then he retires.

Yves Barsak died in Albenga, Italy, on October 4, 2015, at the age of 84. Despite his extensive filmography, as well as his voxography, his death went almost unnoticed, with very little media coverage.

A full list of his careers is available on his IMDB page.

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